Sherry Williams Trauma Resolution Specialist and Massage Therapist

“As each body changes daily, the requirements change also; physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically. I endeavor to have no routine nor pre-planned session. I hold the space and facilitate the healing as I personally stay out of the way of what the body needs.”

With 15+ years’ experience, Sherry has developed a variety of ways to assist clients in achieving fully restored health. She is able work in ways which include relational, physiological, and physical awareness. Her methods are shaped by her many years of inner healing work and include both traditional and alternative methods of learning. Her initial interest was for herself to become emotionally pain free after years of pain suffered through traumatic experiences from an early age.

She also offers modalities in a wide variety of therapeutic, relaxing, and transformational bodywork to assist her clients in living a healthy, more comfortable life in body, mind, and spirit.

Her passion for healing stems from personally having her life and body transformed. This was achieved through doing healing work for others and having healing work done, herself. This allowed her to go from being very ill, in pain, and unable to fully function or live comfortably, to being healthy in body, mind, and spirit and feeling vibrant, active, and strong. She was able to gain a new sense of hope and self.

As a mature and fully present therapist, she creates a safe, nurturing container where you are able to relax and heal within.

Sherry always appreciates your endorsements and testimonials on DaoCloud.

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Sherry has been in Austin since 1970 and has been interested in massage since she can remember. She rides her motorcycle, water and snow skis, paddleboards, dances, and is a very active and healthy senior. 

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