Angel Hands Trauma Resolution
Therapeutic Family Massage

A safe, nurturing space to relax and heal.

Chronic or prolonged distress (trauma) can affect every aspect of a person’s life and body, relationships, physiological systems, work-life and soul.

Come experience a transformational process of organically releasing and shifting trauma so you may have more positive and productive useful energy and happiness in your body and life.

Angel Hands is in a beautiful serene setting where you can experience a totally relaxing massage that will allow you to remember yourself in body, mind and spirit.

Sherry is an intuitive empath who specializes in organic trauma release and looks forward to sharing with you tools to enhance your everyday lives and businesses.  She is a massage therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (organic trauma release) a BASE practitioner (organic trauma release body work) who connects with your and her angels for your highest good in healing and relaxation. Each session is unique for your needs sometimes incorporating sacred oils, tuning forks and energy work as well as Cranial Sacral and Emotional Freedom Tapping and may include a medium reading.


Sherry utilizes her gift of empathy, intuition, and compassion to follow the body’s requirements to shift and transform out of old stuck patterns, whether presenting in body function, or as pain, or as unhealthy social interactions and interpersonal relationship patterns.

The work Sherry offers assists in transforming issues that doctors sometimes cannot seem to diagnose or treat; repeating patterns/issues that have been treated but seem to keep coming back up, chronic pain, chronic illness/disease, chronic relationship or job related disasters etc.

The result is a happier, healthier, more hopeful life. Old, stuck, negative energy is transformed into more positive and useful energy in a persons daily life as we gently yet profoundly get to the root of and transform what is actually causing the issues rather than treating symptoms.

What is SE?

Somatic Experiencing (SE) therapy was founded by Peter Levine. It addresses the stress of trauma, such as; abuse, assault, car accidents, surgeries, or impact falls. Balancing attention of internal experience with external orientation, in the presence of safe and reliable support, we can free up the subtle tension forces in the body. (Read more…)


Somatic Experiencing does not require the traumatized person to re-tell nor re-live their traumatic event(s).  Instead, it offers an opportunity to engage, complete and resolve in a subtle and yet profound way the body’s automatic fight, flight, freeze and collapse responses and that allows the body to return to a healthy place of response rather than reaction. Bodies locked in anxiety or rage are then able to relax into a growing sense of peace, safety and hope.

SE catalyzes corrective bodily experiences that contradict those of fear and feeling helpless. This resets the nervous system, resets, restores inner balance, enhances resilience to stress and increases peoples vitality, equanimity and capacity to actively engage in life.


Hope and Happiness

Those stuck in depression are able to gradually find their old patterns of feeling hopeless and numb, transformed into empowerment, triumph, mastery and hope and happiness.


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